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About Campingrounds

Glamping is nothing but luxurious camping. The idea of Campinground was conceived by two Environmental Engineers who are passionate about travelling. We want to provide a different hospitality experience for those who are bored with block hotels.

The tents you are staying in are called Jungle Safari Tents. All that you see around chairs, cot, wardrobe and the tent itself was designed by us. The wood for the chairs, wardrobe doors and shelves and washroom door are up scaled from pallet wood used to transport delicate machinery. The concrete footprint is also kept to a minimum to reduce rain runoff and to increase maximum percolation.

Campinground offers an experience like none other by accommodating you tents. Giving you the option of staying in the luxury of Desert Safari Tents, the ruggedness of pitch up tents. If you’ve got your own tent you can pitch it on our camping site.

Everybody loves the concept of staying in tents but the hassles of security, unpredictable weather, cooking your own food and the accessibility to washrooms often keep people away from the tent stay experience. Campinground is committed to make your tent stay experience an unforgettable experience by making your tenting experience hassle free.

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